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Hospitals & Professionals

Pioneering Change in Healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare professionals are at the forefront of addressing health disparities, focusing on the social determinants of health to bridge gaps in care. Our Gala Tour offers a unique perspective into these challenges through a simulated environment that mirrors real-world inequities. Engage with firsthand accounts from those affected, explore innovative solutions within our webinars, and connect with peers dedicated to transforming healthcare, where we focus on the socio-ecological model as path towards a solution. Our webinars promises to ignite collaborative efforts towards a more equitable health landscape.


  • Insights Through Research

  • Live Testimonies
  • Collaborative Dialogues

Faith & Health Webinars

  • Research Insights

  • Transformative Testimonies

  • Engage in Dialogue

Church’s Mission

Advancing Health Equity

The Church, guided by its profound social teachings, plays a pivotal role in promoting health equity, recognizing every individual’s dignity. Our Webinars invites leaders and members of the church to explore how faith and action intersect in addressing health disparities. Through our research, live testimonials, and interactive dialogues, attendees will discover innovative strategies with the socio-ecological model that is aligned with the Church’s mission to serve the poor and vulnerable, ensuring equitable health outcomes for all.S


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Educational Empowerment Webinars


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Academic Innovation

Shaping Health Equity Leaders

Educational institutions play a vital role in molding future leaders in health equity. Our Webinars extends a special invitation to academia to explore our webinars of health inequalities based on the socio-ecological model and discover pedagogical innovations that prepare students to address these challenges effectively. Engage with compelling narratives from our webinar participants, connect with fellow educators and professionals, and delve into discussions on integrating health equity into curricula for a more equitable healthcare landscape.

  • Research Updates

  • Authentic Narratives

  • Innovative Collaboration

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Upcoming Gala City Fairs

  • July 2024– Phoenix, AZ
  • December 2024- Houston, TX
  • February 2025- New Orleans, LA
  • April 2025- Jackson, MS
  • May 2025- Chicago, IL
  • June 2025- New York, NY
  • September 2025- Washington, DC
  • October 2025- Detroit, MI
  • December 2025- Los Angeles, CA

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