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Our Research Focus and the Role of Faith in Holistic Health

In addressing the myriad challenges faced by the Black community, our research zeroes in on two pivotal areas that we believe are detrimental to their health outcomes: financial stress and various forms of discrimination. We posit that these factors have profound negative consequences on an individual’s health and well-being. Our research is dedicated to these areas, envisioning a world where financial freedom and respect for personal dignity, principles deeply rooted in Catholic teachings, are realized. Our mission is to empower Black Catholics to achieve holistic health and well-being—mind, body, and spirit—guided by our faith and scientific evidence.

We assert that the Church plays a crucial role in health. Our organization introduces innovative strategies, such as simulations and interactive art exhibits, to foster healing and understanding. As a Catholic holistic health ministry, we uphold the following beliefs:

  • The Dignity and Sanctity of All Human Life: Every individual, regardless of their health or social status, is made in the image of God and possesses inherent dignity.
  • Holistic Health: We advocate for a comprehensive view of health that encompasses physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, recognizing the interconnection of these dimensions.
  • The Value of Research and Science: Our work is informed by robust scientific evidence, reflecting our commitment to understanding and enhancing human health.
  • Healing in the Ministry of Jesus: We are inspired by Jesus Christ’s mission to heal the whole person, which aligns with our goal of comprehensive healing.

The Black Catholic Health Research Institute’s Model

Our research model is anchored in the following approaches:

  • Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR): This method involves community members at all stages of research, ensuring relevance and meaningful dissemination of findings.
  • Action Research: Our cyclical process of planning, action, observation, and reflection aims to identify and address community health challenges effectively.
  • Translational Research: We focus on converting scientific discoveries into practical interventions that benefit the Black Catholic community, grounded in faith to pave the way toward holistic health.

Understanding the intersection of faith, culture, and health within the Black Catholic community is crucial. The Catholic Church has historically been a pillar in promoting education, social justice, and community well-being. Key considerations in research involving Black Catholics include:

  • Cultural Influence: The Church’s teachings significantly shape health behaviors and perceptions among Black Catholics.
  • Community Support: The Church is a trusted entity that can drive health promotion and address disparities.
  • Ethical Considerations: Research must align with the ethical and moral frameworks influenced by Catholic teachings.

Broadening Horizons Through Research and Engagement

Our outreach spans academic, medical, and ecclesiastical spheres, featuring:

  • Academic and Medical Outreach: Through peer-reviewed journals, conferences, and hospital grand rounds, we share our findings with the broader academic and medical communities.
  • Ecclesiastical Engagement: We advise Church leaders and engage with Black Catholic organizations to tailor interventions, contributing to global dialogues on health and well-being.
  • Policy and Advocacy: We inform policymakers and community leaders, aiming to shape health policies and initiatives that improve national well-being.

Financial Stress and Discrimination: A Focus on Health Outcomes

Our research delves into the nexus of financial stress and discrimination on health. The socio-economic challenges unique to the Black community, such as income inadequacy and systemic issues like racial discrimination, are central to understanding the adverse health outcomes prevalent in this population. We aim to illuminate these connections and advocate for systemic change to alleviate these stressors.





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