Theme: Racism and Health & Financial Health


: Racism and Health & Financial Healt


    • “The Impact of Racism on Health Outcomes in Black Communities”
    • “Financial Literacy and Wealth Building Strategies for Black Families”
    • “Navigating the Healthcare System: Advocating for Yourself and Your Family”

Interactive Activities:

    • Health screenings with a focus on conditions disproportionately impacting Black communities (e.g., diabetes, heart disease)
    • Financial planning consultations with experts
    • Panel discussions featuring Black healthcare professionals and financial advisors
    • Interactive Health Art Exhibits

Health Equity Champions

9 City TOUR

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Hospitals & Professionals

Pioneering Change in Healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare professionals are at the forefront of addressing health disparities, focusing on the social determinants of health to bridge gaps in care. Our Gala Tour offers a unique perspective into these challenges through a simulated environment that mirrors real-world inequities. Engage with firsthand accounts from those affected, explore innovative solutions within our immersive simulation, and connect with peers dedicated to transforming healthcare, where we focus on the socio-ecological model as path towards a solution. This evening promises to ignite collaborative efforts towards a more equitable health landscape.

Insights Through Simulation
Explore our interactive simulation that vividly showcases the complexities of health disparities. Gain insights into the socioecological model’s application in crafting holistic solutions.

• Live Testimonies
Hear compelling stories directly from individuals who’ve navigated the simulation, offering valuable perspectives on overcoming health inequalities.

Collaborative Dialogues
Join in dynamic discussions, participate in a drumming circle, and engage in a scavenger hunt, all designed to foster community and brainstorm collective solutions to health inequities.

  • Insights Through Simulation
  • Live Testimonies
  • Collaborative Dialogues

Faith & Health

  • Simulation Insights

  • Transformative Testimonies

  • Engage in Dialogue

Church’s Mission

Advancing Health Equity

The Catholic Church, guided by its profound social teachings, plays a pivotal role in promoting health equity, recognizing every individual’s dignity. Our Gala Tour invites leaders and members of Catholic institutions to explore how faith and action intersect in addressing health disparities. Through our simulation, live testimonials, and interactive dialogues, attendees will discover innovative strategies with the socio-ecological model that is aligned with the Church’s mission to serve the poor and vulnerable, ensuring equitable health outcomes for all.

Simulation Insights
Experience our engaging simulation that highlights health inequalities, offering a reflective journey on the Church’s role in fostering equitable health solutions.

Transformative Testimonies
Listen to powerful narratives from individuals who have traversed our simulation, sharing insights on bridging health disparities through faith and community action.

Engage in Dialogue
Participate in enriching discussions, a unifying drumming circle, and a collaborative scavenger hunt, culminating in a Q&A session that delves into our research on black Catholic health and systemic inequalities.

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Educational Empowerment

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Academic Innovation

Shaping Health Equity Leaders

Educational institutions play a vital role in molding future leaders in health equity. Our Gala Tour extends a special invitation to academia to explore our simulation’s reflection of health inequalities based on the socio-ecological model and discover pedagogical innovations that prepare students to address these challenges effectively. Engage with compelling narratives from our simulation participants, connect with fellow educators and professionals, and delve into discussions on integrating health equity into curricula for a more equitable healthcare landscape.

Simulation Experience
Immerse yourself in a simulation that brings to life the social determinants of health and the complexities of health disparities, offering insights for academic application.

Authentic Narratives
Listen to the impactful stories of individuals directly affected by health inequalities, providing a real-world context for academic discussions on health equity.

Innovative Collaboration
Participate in interactive dialogues, experience our community-building drum circle, and engage in a scavenger hunt designed to foster collaborative solutions to health disparities.

  • Simulation Experience

  • Authentic Narratives

  • Innovative Collaboration

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