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Black Catholic Health Equity Tour: Addressing Racial Inequities in Healthcare & Finance

(All Adults Welcome!)



Welcome to God’s Little World!

Embark on a captivating journey through health equity at the Black Catholic Health Equity Tour. Board a symbolic airplane and enter an interactive world where you can:

  • Engage in Team Activities:Collaborate with others to tackle health equity challenges.
  • Explore Health Booths:Gain valuable health information and resources.
  • Attend Workshops:Learn from experts about critical health equity topics.
  • Immerse Yourself in Art:Be inspired by thought-provoking art exhibits.


The Black Catholic Health Equity Tour welcomes everyone! We especially invite:

  • Individuals from Marginalized Communities:We celebrate your unique experiences and perspectives.
  • Those Facing Inequalities and Injustice:We stand with you in the fight for a more just world.
  • Allies and Advocates:Join us in dismantling systemic health disparities.
  • Black Community Supporters:Deepen your understanding of Black health issues.
  • Healthcare Professionals:Learn alongside the community you serve.

MORE THAN JUST A TOUR: A Platform for Change

Our events are powerful experiences that bring the mission of health equity to life. Step into a world shaped by the Social-Ecological Model (SEM), where we explore the complex factors influencing health disparities.

Unveiling Injustices, Forging Solutions

The Tour goes beyond simply highlighting these challenges. We work together to create solutions, crafting pathways towards a future where health and well-being are attainable for all. As a past participant said, “This is a great way to make the world a better place.”

Join us and be part of the transformative power of the Black Catholic Health Equity Tour. It’s not just a tour; it’s a movement for a more just and equitable society.

Black Catholic Health Equity Tour: USA Experience

Empower Your Health & Dismantle Disparities

The Black Catholic Health Equity Tour’s immersive experience awaits! Join us for an interactive exploration of health and financial well-being within a captivating “God’s Little World” theme.


  • Free Health Screenings:Blood pressure, diabetes, breast cancer (women) and prostate screening (men) with professional guidance.
  • AI-Powered Learning Stations:Discover nutrition, calculate your BMI, and understand its implications.
  • Financial Planning Consultations:Get personalized advice from financial experts.
  • Engaging Health Art Exhibits:Be inspired and informed through thought-provoking art.


Delve into critical topics with interactive discussions led by healthcare professionals and professors:

  • Racism and Health:Explore the impact of racism on health outcomes for Black communities.
  • Financial Literacy for Black Families:Learn wealth-building strategies for a stronger financial future.
  • Navigating the Healthcare System:Gain tools to advocate for yourself and loved ones.


Experience health equity firsthand! Our interactive simulation puts you in a real-world environment. Through team challenges and exercises, you’ll explore the social and ecological factors impacting health at various levels (personal, community, institutional, policy).

  • Q&A with Experts & Prize:After the tour, gain insights from health equity experts. The winning team receives a special prize!


Our Tour raises awareness about health disparities affecting Black and marginalized communities. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of these issues and join a community of informed advocates and allies.


The tour is free, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity. Register securely via Eventbrite. A donation basket will be available to support the Black Catholic Health Research Institute and simulation activities.

Event Guidelines:

We strive to create a safe and reflective space for all. Please:

  • Turn off and silence cell phones.
  • Refrain from photography, selfies, and video recording within the event space.(A designated red carpet area is available for photos.)

Embrace the Digital Detox:

We encourage you to disconnect from technology and fully immerse yourself in the experience. As a thank you for participating in this “digital detox,” door prizes will be awarded.

Join the Movement!

Explore our website ( for engaging forums, connections with like-minded individuals, and informative blog articles.

Together, let’s build a more just and equitable future!


December, 2025
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
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Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, Califronia


Black Catholic Health Research Institute LLC

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