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What do we stand for?

At the heart of our mission is the pursuit of health equality and justice. We are dedicated to serving particularly low-income groups and, more specifically, Black Catholics, who are often most affected by systemic inequalities impacting health outcomes. Our research-driven, innovative public health strategies aim to foster worldwide positive health changes, uplifting those we serve alongside other marginalized communities.

What is our mission?

Our Mission
Our mission is to empower Black Catholics towards holistic health and well-being—mentally, physically, and spiritually—underpinned by our Catholic faith and reinforced by scientific evidence.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Human Dignity: Every person, reflecting God’s image, deserves respect and dignity.
  • Holistic Health: True health encompasses physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.
  • Scientific Approach: We commit to research and science as key tools to advance human health.
  • Healing Ministry: Following Christ’s example, we seek to heal and uplift the whole person.

What is our mission?
We aim to reach out to Black Catholics and those with Catholic affiliations who are economically disadvantaged, offering evidence-based interventions to support their holistic needs. Our goal is to guide them towards a purpose-filled life, enriched by faith and well-being.

Where are we heading?

Our vision is to become a global authority in Black and Black Catholic health, where our top-tier research and innovative solutions offer actionable insights for improving community health through a participatory approach.

Who Runs The Organisation?

Black Catholic Health Institute is led by Dr. Marcia E. I Uddoh, MD (candidate), a passionate advocate for stress management and holistic health. With a rich background in mission work, academic teaching, and extensive research credentials, Dr. Uddoh is driving the institute towards transformative health outcomes for the Black Catholic community and beyond.

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